Greg Smith - Founder

Greg Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and inventor with over 40 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed numerous commercial properties as well as impeccable scenic landscapes. He is an artist who enjoys creating art out of random objects. Greg's passion for innovation led him to develop Raze It™, a lightweight pallet-like platform designed specifically to protect valuables from water damage or condensation.


With great attention to detail, Smith created the perfect solution for self-storage users needing secure yet affordable storage solutions. At Raze It™, we believe everyone should have access to worry-free storage options they can depend on.

 Greg with his art

Greg's Love of Art

As an artist, he works with a variety of materials, from found objects and recycled materials to textiles and paint. His art is inspired by the natural world, from birds and animals to plants and trees. Greg has an eye for detail and his pieces often feature intricately detailed patterns or textures. 

Greg and his pitchfork

Gardening and Landscape

Greg has always had an inventive spirit, brimming with ideas and a knack for bringing them to life. However, it's not in the cluttered workspace of his workshop that his most vivid ideas take shape, but rather in the sanctuary of his garden. Gardening is not just a hobby for Greg; it's an art form, a creative escape, and a source of inspiration for his next invention.

The interplay of art and science in his garden serves as a metaphor for his inventive process. The garden becomes a living laboratory where Greg experiments with shapes, textures, and colors, applying his artistic sensibility to create harmony and balance. It's in these quiet moments, lost in the world of plants and earth, that his most innovative ideas come to life.

For Greg, the garden is not just a space to retreat from the world; it's a gateway to creativity, a place where his art, design abilities, and love for invention intertwine. Each new landscape he crafts is not only a testament to his artistic prowess but also a stepping stone towards his next great innovation.

Fishing Enthusiast

Greg is also an avid fisherman, golfer, and traveler. He has visited many places from Alaska to Belize in search of the perfect fishing spot or scenic backdrop for a painting. His passion to travel has allowed him to experience different cultures and gain a deeper appreciation of the world. From his travels, he has gained an understanding of the importance of preserving our environment for future generations..

Greg is an expert in designing and building beautiful homes. With over 40 years of experience in the residential and commercial building industry, he understands what it takes to create a high-quality structure. From choosing the right materials and textures to incorporating elegant features such as skylights and balconies, Greg pays attention to every detail when designing a new home. His attention to detail ensures that his clients are provided with a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing home that they can enjoy for many years to come. Greg has put this same attention to detail into designing Raze It™.

Greg has a passion for sustainability and environmental conservation. He puts great emphasis on using environmentally friendly materials and practices when building homes or landscapes. He believes in limiting waste and using recycled materials whenever possible. He is committed to using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power whenever possible. With these practices, Greg is helping to create a greener future for generations to come.

A Unique Combination of Expertise

Greg's work as innovator, builder, entrepreneur, designer, and artist has uniquely positioned him to come up with an elegant solutions to the long standing problem of water damage that has been inherent in the self-storage industry for so long. As a self-storage facility owner himself he was not satisfied with just passing the responsibility off on the tenant. So he went to work on research and design. Finding just the right eco-friendly long lasting materials and configuring them in a strong and lightweight design. Perfectly engineered to protect tenants stored items. And thereby eliminating this source of tension between owner and tenant.

At Raze It™, we believe everyone should have access to worry-free storage options that they can depend on. Greg Smith's values and attention to detail are reflected in our products, ensuring your belongings will always be secure and safe.