Our Team

Greg Smith - Founder

Greg Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and inventor with over 40 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed numerous commercial properties as well as impeccable scenic landscapes. He is an artist who enjoys creating art out of random objects. Greg's passion for innovation led him to develop Raze It™, a lightweight pallet-like platform designed specifically to protect valuables from water damage or condensation. With great attention to detail, Smith created the perfect solution for self-storage users needing secure yet affordable storage solutions. At Raze It™, we believe everyone should have access to worry-free storage options they can depend on.

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Carey Chacon

Carey's multidimensional expertise and unwavering dedication makes him an invaluable asset to our team. His role as a Project Manager, Foreman, and Heavy Equipment Operator reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community. With Carey as a cornerstone of our organization, we are better equipped to achieve our goals and set new standards of achievement.

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Liesha Windes - Project Specialist

Liesha is a highly skilled Project Specialist with a proven track record of success in managing projects and providing exceptional administrative support. With a career spanning over three decades, Liesha has honed her expertise in coordinating complex projects and ensuring smooth operations in various professional settings.

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Phil Weaver

Phil Weaver stands as a transformative figure whose life work has deeply impacted individuals and communities on a global scale. With a comprehensive expertise spanning business automation, systemization, copyrighting, online sales funnels, all online advertising platforms, SEO, social media marketing and scaling, content generation across media formats, and the pioneering integration of artificial intelligence into business processes, Phil's professional journey over the past 15 years has marked him as a leader in driving innovation and growth across diverse sectors.

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