Our Team

Greg Smith - Founder

Greg SmithGreg Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and inventor with over 40 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed numerous commercial properties as well as impeccable scenic landscapes. He is an artist who enjoys creating art out of random objects. Greg's passion for innovation led him to develop Raze It™, a lightweight pallet-like platform designed specifically to protect valuables from water damage or condensation. With great attention to detail, Smith created the perfect solution for self-storage users needing secure yet affordable storage solutions. At Raze It™, we believe everyone should have access to worry-free storage options they can depend on.

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Dave Donsing - CEO

Dave M. Donsing, a native of Sacramento, California, discovered his competitive spirit and the value of teamwork on the sports fields of his hometown.




After earning his degree from San Diego State University, he swiftly advanced in the finance industry, leading him to the sunny shores of Southern California, where he continues to thrive today.

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Carey Chacon

Carey, not only an accomplished Foreman and Project Manager but also a steadfast friend and ally to Greg. As an integral part of Greg's various projects, Carey's journey has been marked by significant contributions and unwavering support in everything Greg has set out to achieve.

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Chloe Settle - Intern

Chloe Settle is an undergraduate senior at Washington State University studying finance at the Carson College of Business. She will graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Finance in May 2024. She plans to pursue a career in the finance, industry but is willing to give new opportunities a shot. Her attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and enthusiasm makes her a good intern here at Raze It™.

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