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Greg's Closest Collaborator, Skilled Foreman, and Trusted Project Manager


We are honored to introduce Carey, not only an accomplished Foreman and Project Manager but also a steadfast friend and ally to Greg. As an integral part of Greg's various projects, Carey's journey has been marked by significant contributions and unwavering support in everything Greg has set out to achieve.
Emerging from the scenic Truckee Valley, Carey's early passion for construction was matched only by his enthusiasm for aiding Greg in his inventive pursuits. Together, they have molded a partnership that has brought to life projects ranging from beautiful landscapes to innovative inventions.

As a seasoned Heavy Equipment Operator, Carey's mastery in maneuvering complex machinery has been an essential element in Greg's various ventures. His precision and finesse have played a key role in shaping their shared projects into remarkable works of craftsmanship.

Carey's ability to elevate his role to that of a proficient Foreman has shone brightly in Greg's designs. His keen attention to detail, strategic project management, and collaborative spirit have ensured that every endeavor alongside Greg is executed seamlessly. This synergy has defined excellence in their joint creations.


Relocating to the Pacific Northwest in the late 90s, Carey's career, always intertwined with Greg's visions, continued to flourish. From custom homes and storage facilities to artistic landscapes, Carey has been the anchor in turning Greg's dreams into reality. His holistic understanding of the construction process and relentless pursuit of quality have shaped projects that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Carey's personal attributes mirror his professional commitment to Greg. A devoted family man and a lover of arts, including attending concerts by legends like Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd, Carey's multifaceted interests resonate with Greg's inventive and artistic spirit.

Venturing beyond construction, Carey's passions, like fishing and crabbing, have often been shared with Greg, fostering a camaraderie that transcends their professional collaboration. It's a partnership that enriches both their work and personal lives.

Carey's multidimensional expertise, unwavering dedication to Greg's projects, and steadfast friendship make him an extraordinary figure in Greg's life. Together, they not only reflect a commitment to excellence, innovation, and creativity but also embody a unique bond that enhances everything they touch. With Carey at Greg's side, they continue to achieve goals and set new standards, reinforcing a partnership built on trust, respect, and shared vision.