About Raze It™

Raze It is an innovative solution to a problem faced by self storage users: protecting their items from water damage or condensation. Our patent-pending, lightweight pallet-like platform is designed for people who want to safeguard their valued possessions without having to break the bank or lift heavy objects in the process. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable solutions that make life easier and give them peace of mind, which is why we've created our unique product with all these needs in mind. At Raze It, our mission statement is simple: To provide safe and easy storage solutions so you can worry less and focus more on what matters most.

Raze It will protect your valuables from water damage that may come from concrete and condensate on metal walls. We provide an innovative solution in the form of a lightweight pallet platform designed for self storage units – perfect for protecting those precious items. Our unique value proposition lies in its light weight, airflow capabilities and clips which enable multiple Raze It™ panels to be placed side by side to cover an area. Raze It™ can easily be placed in self storage units of any size. It is sized to cover common storage unit sizes with ease.

Founded by Greg Smith who has 40 years of experience in building residential and commercial properties, we strive to deliver affordability without compromising quality so more people can enjoy greater protection when it comes to their belongings. Our vision is enabling everyone with access to secure storage solutions without any risk of water damage or mold build up caused over time - because at Raze It we believe everybody deserves a little extra peace of mind while keeping things safe!