Meet Dave M. Donsing, the Dynamic CEO of Raze It™

Dave M. Donsing, a native of Sacramento, California, discovered his competitive spirit and the value of teamwork on the sports fields of his hometown. After earning his degree from San Diego State University, he swiftly advanced in the finance industry, leading him to the sunny shores of Southern California, where he continues to thrive today.

As a seasoned business trailblazer with an impressive 35-year trajectory in sales, management, and leadership within the mortgage financing and real estate sector, Dave is an expert in converting raw potential into tangible success. He holds an impressive array of licenses, including a Real Estate Broker license, an NMLS Lending license, and a California Department of Insurance license.

Dave's knack for rapidly understanding and addressing complex issues, coupled with his fearless commitment to finding solutions, has proven to be a key asset. He's a protector of the company's mission and a guardian of the brand he represents. A winner at heart, Dave also possesses a deep compassion for people, an essential trait that drives his leadership style.

Throughout his career, Dave has demonstrated an uncanny ability to pivot. Whether establishing a new company or enhancing an inherited one, he has shown time and again that he is unafraid to shift gears, acknowledge errors, and execute corrective actions to steer his team towards success.

When his cousin, Greg Smith, proposed the opportunity to join and grow Raze It™, Dave saw a promising avenue amidst a downturn in the real estate and mortgage market. This chance encounter opened up a new adventure, and since then, Dave has been ceaselessly propelling Raze It™ towards unprecedented heights.

Beyond his work, Dave is an enthusiastic globetrotter. From Tahiti's serene beaches and Mexico's vibrant culture to the rich heritage of Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, his passport is adorned with a myriad of stamps. Closer to home, he cherishes moments spent with family and friends, be it playing golf, camping, fishing, or soaking in the energy of live music.

Join us in welcoming Dave M. Donsing, a committed leader, ardent traveler, and the dynamic CEO at the helm of Raze It™.