Chloe Settle - Marketing Manager

Chloe Settle is an undergraduate senior at Washington State University studying finance at the Carson College of Business. She will graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Finance in May 2024. She plans to pursue a career in the finance, industry but is willing to give new opportunities a shot. Her attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and enthusiasm makes her a good intern here at Raze It™.



Chloe was born and raised in Kitsap County in Washington. Family and friends are important to Chloe; she spends her time with her twin sister most often. One thing about Chloe is that she loves animals. She has a dog in Kitsap County and two cats that travel with her constantly between Pullman, Washington, and Kitsap County.





Chloe’s childhood consisted of sports all year round. Volleyball is her passion, and she wants to potentially pursue volleyball as a coach in the future. Chloe hopes to be able to make a change in her community by giving back. Chloe started at Washington State University in August 2020. Her life has changed ever since. Being a Coug has taught Chloe what community is all about.

She chose to study finance because she wants to be able to help others manage their finances and make an impact in their lives. Also, Chloe feels that finance is a good skill to have within the business industry.



Chloe has been awarded multiple scholarships throughout her time at Washington State University. She is a peer mentor through the Carson College of Business. She mentors upcoming business students who need help with their college career. Chloe enjoys attending all the sporting events at Washington State University, and spending quality time with close friends.



Chloe’s ambition and excitement will help her exceed not only here at Raze It™, but in life. She is excited to make a lasting impact on Raze It™, and to have the opportunity to help start a business. She can apply what she has learned in the classroom to the outside world. Her goals are to learn new skills, expand her knowledge and create professional connections.